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Tapa Thursdays: Champiñones

If I were to list the three foods I most despised, it would be easy: canned tuna, eggs and mushrooms.

Yes, I picked three of the most commonly used ingredients in Spanish cuisine, and the only big additions to ensaladilla rusa.

You might say the Novio is on a mission to change my tastes, but I’ve been slowly trying. Afterall, I once didn’t eat fish, and it’s practically a staple in all Spanish diets. Champis are slowly working their way into my palette, disguised in tasty tapas without my knowledge more often than not.

What it is: A plain old mushroom. Wild mushrooms are often called setas or boletus.

Where it’s from: Mushrooms are cultivated all over Europe, but nearby Aracena is known for their wild mushrooms, which bloom in

Where to find it in Seville: Believe it or not, there are a few ways that I eat mushrooms. Most often, they get consumed in risotto (try the creamy dish at Zelai, C/Albareda 22), but I love the mushroom heads with a minty green sauce as Las Golondrinas (C/Antillano Campos, 26). Even I am daring enough to add chopped up pieces to hamburger patties!

Love tapas? Want to see a specific one featured Thursday? Leave me a comment, or post a picture of you eating your favorite tapas to my Facebook page!

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  1. 21 mos ago

    I can’t remember what the name was of the tapas I had at Alcaravan in Arcos de la Frontera. The ambience of the place was amazing and if my memory serves me well, the meats were freshly grilled in a little kitchen space just near the entrance. Gotta say though that those champiñones in the photo look delicious!! I don’t like all types of mushrooms, but I do like some types grilled, marinated or stuffed.
    Gayla recently posted..Het Scheepvaartmuseum – Groningen’s Maritime MuseumMy Profile

  2. Sunshine and Siestas
    21 mos ago

    I’ve been there, actually! Lovely little stop, holed up, pretty good food. Can’t say I tried the mushrooms, though!

  3. Yum. I remember when I was young I disliked mushrooms and slowly grew to like them. Then my dad would fool my brother and hide them in spagetti sauce.
    Now I eat mushrooms raw and cooked and as many varieties as I can find.
    How did you like this tapa? there’s no hiding these are champis!
    Lauren @ roamingtheworld recently posted..Why I “chose” Vitoria- Gasteiz or How Vitoria- Gasteiz chose me!My Profile

  4. 19 mos, 2 wks ago

    I heard that if you try it 10 times in a row you will end up liking it. Not sure if that is true for everything, but it worked for me with V8 juice back in the US. I had one small can every day for 10 days and now sometimes I even crave/miss it. I happen to love mushrooms and that picture just drew me into the post! YUM
    Heidi Wagoner recently posted..Pueblo Blanco – Frigiliana “Photo Walk”My Profile

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