The A-Z of the Feria de Abril

It's the happiest time of the year - now that the azahar has bloomed and the gold-laden Holy Week floats have been stored, Seville takes a week to … [Continue Reading]

Feria de Abril Glossary

Tapa Thursday: 10 Typical Foods You’ll Eat at the Feria de Abril

I'll just say it right away - sevillanos do not flock to the Real de la Feria for good eats. In a week dedicated to drinking and dancing, food is … [Continue Reading]

What to Eat at the Feria de Sevilla

Málaga: Spain’s Sleeping Giant of Tourism

There's a lot of buzz around Málaga these days. With a newly christened port, a thriving arts scene and enough Spanish charm to bring native son … [Continue Reading]

Why Visit Malaga

Visiting Seville on Two Wheels: a Bike Tour through the City’s Main Sites

My first moment of consciousness was fragrant - the orange blossoms outside my window were finally in bloom, and I could smell spring wafting in … [Continue Reading]

take a bike tour in Seville

Autonomous Community Spotlight: Madrid

Not one to make travel goals, I did make one when coming to Spain: visit all 17 autonomous communities at least once before going home. While Madrid, … [Continue Reading]

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Living in Seville

Planning a Spanish American Wedding

Five Things that Make Planning a Spanish-American Wedding a Logistical Nightmare

I’m going to admit it – my upcoming wedding is bringing out the worst in me. There’s the … [Read More...]

Travelling Europe and Beyond

How a Family Stole in Ireland

Take the Grilled Cheese and Run: How a Desperate Family Committed a Christmas Crime

It was on my fifth Christmas abroad that my father decided to make us accessories to a … [Read More...]

Travel Photography

Holy Week in Seville Photos

Seville Snapshots: Palm Sunday Processions

I packed my bag hurriedly but with purpose: I'd need sunscreen, lipstick, a street map and … [Read More...]

How to Visit the Murallas of Avila

Walking The Medieval Murallas of Ávila

I'd seen the walls from the highway on the way to Madrid - like something out of a period … [Read More...]

The Colors of India - Old Delhi

The Colors of India

Lately, India has been on my mind.  Well, actually, it's been on my mind for the … [Read More...]

Spanish Food

What to Eat at the Feria de Sevilla

Tapa Thursday: 10 Typical Foods You’ll Eat at the Feria de Abril

I'll just say it right away - sevillanos do not flock to the Real de la Feria for good … [Read More...]

Vegetarian tapas in Seville City Center

Tapa Thursdays: Fargo Bio Restaurant

My email notification pinged a few seconds after I'd hit the little paper arrow with a … [Read More...]

vermouth in Spain

Tapa Thursday: Vermouth

My biggest ambition in life is to become a Spanish abuelo. Who wouldn't want to spend the … [Read More...]

Teaching Abroad

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Applying to to the Auxiliares Program: How to Apply to be a Language Assistant in Spain

Six years ago, I began researching a way to make it back to Spain. I was a senior at … [Read More...]

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Ten Mistakes New Language Assistants Make (and how to avoid them + eBook giveaway)

My Spanish now-fiancé couldn’t help but laugh when I looked, puzzled, at our new coffee … [Read More...]

No joke, I spent a night here in the Islas Cies.

Sleeping in Spain: A Guide to Accommodation (and 30€ Voucher Giveaway!)

If there's one thing that's weathering the Spanish economic downturn (no doubt tied to the … [Read More...]